Maberry Packing LLC

Lynden, WA
Marty Maberry
Jon Olson - 360.354.2094

It all started back when...

In 1954, D.C. Morse Jr. picked strawberries at Maberry Farms for summer employment. His son, Dave Morse III followed in his footprints in the summers of 1985 and 1986.  In the 1990’s, as Maberry transitioned from growing berries to also processing berries, Blythe was awarded a contract for refrigeration for berry processing and storage.  Following this first contract, Blythe has been awarded many mechanical projects by Maberry for cold storage, processing, and freezing.

Work on a 500 HP ammonia refrigeration system for freezing raspberries in a new I.Q.F. tunnel was recently completed.  This system was engineered and installed by Blythe on a critical timeline in order to be ready for the summer berry season.