Best Real Estate Management, LLC

Bellingham, WA
Judy and Brent Hamner - 360.671.3756

Best Real Estate Management professionally manages a large number of residential rental properties.  For many years Best has contracted Blythe for the plumbing and HVAC service work that its own staff does not perform.

After more than a thousand repair jobs, this relationship is very strong.  Whether the problem is no heat, a leaky pipe, a backflow device to be tested, a water heater to be replaced , a new heating system to be installed, or a myriad of other problems, Best calls Blythe and expects a courteous, prompt, and professional response by qualified and well trained service technicians.  After the work is complete, Best expects and receives a detailed and itemized invoice listing any material used and actual hours of service labor.  In this way the individual property owner and Best get the best possible price for actual work performed.  For larger jobs, Best requests and receives a firm bid from a Blythe project manager.

Blythe strives to meet the varied needs of Best Real Estate Management, and is proud of its long term relationship.

Best Real Estate Management