VA Hospital Building 100, MER 2 & 8 HVAC Upgrades

Veterans Administration
Seattle, WA
Date of Work: 
2009 - 2010
General Contractor: 
Doyon Project Services
Office, 253.334.5476

This design build project was for the complete renovation of two mechanical rooms, MER 2 and MER 8, at the VA Hospital in Seattle.

The project consisted of replacing two air handlers and associated VAV boxes serving approximately 40,000 sq. ft.   Because access and space constraints were substantial, air handlers were designed in modular sections so that equipment could be brought in through temporary openings into the existing mechanical rooms and then assembled in place. 

The hospital was kept in operation during the project by utilizing temporary HVAC equipment to serve the ventilation and temperature control needs of the affected spaces.  

Blythe furnished and installed large air handlers, return fans, coils, a pump, over fifty VAV air terminal units, humidification equipment, a heat recovery system and new controls; and extended the central plant heating and cooling piping.  Shutdowns were closely coordinated with hospital personnel and the work was completed without disruption of services to critical spaces.   Blythe completed all phases of the work, including added scope of work, within given scheduling parameters.