Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Hangar 6 Renovation and Reconstruction

United States Department of the Navy
NAS Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, WA
Date of Work: 
June 2015-July 2017 (25 months)
General Contractor: 
The Korte Company
Lt. Corey Cattano

Blythe was awarded the mechanical and plumbing contract for the Hangar 6 Renovation and Reconstruction Project. The project consisted of 189,000 square feet of renovated space, including two 49,000 sq. ft. aircraft maintenance hangars between three support and office buildings. Blythe furnished and installed four Direct Outside Air Supply (DOAS) air handlers, two Heat Vent (HV) air handlers, a cooling tower, hydronic cooling and heating water piping systems, compressed air piping, plumbing piping and equipment, a full kitchen, and over one hundred air terminal unit/heat pump combinations.

Blythe's role included BIM coordination of mechanical and plumbing systems with architectural and structural elements, as well as coordination with other trades. Three-dimensional modeling software allowed for careful coordination and prefabrication of duct sections, large diameter piping, and associated support systems to speed field installation time. Blythe's detailing yielded cost-savings over the original design on a number of systems, including condensed water piping, below-grade waste piping, and ductwork.